Ooops, I did it again!

Isn't this a lovely yellow gingham skirt? If I must say so myself.
It has it's own embroidered red flowers.
Making it was quite fun. I loved the way it gathered and the flowers were a cute touch.
Do you think it fits Little Miss?... nope... it doesn't.

I cut out the pattern pieces thinking the 90cms size in my Japanese book would be ok.
I even tried it on her after I gathered it up.
BUT when I put on the waistband and put it on her.... it somehow transformed itself.
It was quite fitting around gathered part and sat very close to her hips.
It didn't pooof up as much as I'd liked.

You'd think I'd learn from my mistakes.

Anyhow, I broke the gathered stitching to see if it would fit but I still wasn't happy. I wanted more room. More twirl factor.

So... I'm giving it away!!!!!!!

[Just leave a comment and I will have her pick out a name on Sunday, 24th January, 5pm EST. You don't have to have a blog and Internationals are welcome.]

The skirt would fit a 18mth old up to a skinny 2yr old.

I'm off now to enjoy a typical Australian thunder.
I love the rain... the heat has been keeping us indoors :(
Oh F... the washing!


  1. Very cute skirt, I know an adorable little girl that would love it. Your oops will make someone very happy, I wish my mistakes looked that good.

  2. Congrats Mearaid. Send an e-mail to so I can send out your prize!!!

  3. gorgeous creation...have my fingers crossed


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