In Perspective

It's 2009. Wow. Time has flown.
As I look back I realise what a great year 2008 was. It did have it's ups and downs.
But here are the things that made it great.

1. My first son. Well he was born three days before 2008 but still a new life. The birth was miraculous and beautiful.
2. Found Blog World. There was a time when I was beginning to sink.
Two little bubs were crying in my ears each. I logged on and searched for Easter Egg wrapping. I stumbled upon Karen Cheng's Snippets of Life. I was blown away, inspired, happy, and the rest is history.
3. My first girl turned two. She's so vivacious and cracks me up each time she talks. She now conquers three to four word sentences. Drives me a bit insane but is such a joy in my life.
4. My husband. He always helps out with the kids and is really supportive. We hardly ever fight about anything. When we do it's little things and we get over it. He makes sure that I am okay so that he knows the kids will be okay. Hence, I am going back to work part-time. He is a treasure in my life and without him all this would not be as it is.
5. Last but not least, our Lord Jesus Christ. Without whom my life would not be blessed.
He gives me strength, wisdom, patience, love, love and more love.

I sit here contemplating what I want for 2009 and beyond...
1. To make a happy home for my family. This includes spending quality time with my kids. Teaching them, creating with them, watching them, loving them.

2. Try to include exercise in my schedule . Even if this means walking a few times a week I will make time to do it. After having the babies my schedule was devoid of any type of exercise apart from going up the stairs to hang up laundry, running after the kids, walking while I did grocery shopping... you get my drift.

3. Be More Green. It's is important to me that I re-use, re-cycle and have a very small carbon footprint in this world. I will try to look for more ways in which I can be more environmentally friendly in this life.

4. Have 'me' time. All of the above is not possible if I don't look after myself. I need to nourish my need to be creative. To read more books about parenting and become the type of parent that I want to be.

I'm sure there are more but for now these ones I'll keep in perspective and on the forefront of my mind. I'm going to post them on the wall in my sewing room.

What are your goals for 2009?


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