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Ahhh, Japanese Books. I am in need of something for myself this time.
This book is from this Etsy shop. I was about to buy another one but I held back.

This book has some really cute dresses and blouses. Which makes me laugh a little because by time it's spring I will be fully b'feeding the next little one and won't be able to wear dresses (let alone sew). I may sew some dresses for my sisters instead if I get time.

Unless, I alter the pattern so make them unbutton or something... hmmmm, something to consider.

You can also buy them from yesasia.com by browsing Japanese books by Lifestyle/Home Arts, and by narrowing down by price search but there's still about 29 pages to browse. You need tons of patience and willpower not to add everything to your cart!
They have free International shipping for orders over $50 I think so that's about 2 books worth.

This is the Oliver + S Day in the Park Backpack Tote pattern. It's on special for half price so how could I resist? It would just be the perfect Christmas or Birthday gift. Plus, I would totally use it for myself!

These new patterns should tied me over for a while. Ooops, I've said that before...I think I'm beginning to be a pattern hoarder (cough, cough)

Does this mean that I shouldn't be going to the Stitches and Craft show next month?


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  2. sorry I had two blogs up at the same time and commented on the other blog in your comment section whoops....what I meant to write was this is a very naughty post I dont need any more patterns hahaha but they are more than just pattern books arent they?!? a real investment me thinks hahaha


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