I Made it!

This is a top I made from Simplicity 2931.
I thought it would be perfect for my ever growing belly.
It's made from a light blue embroderie anglaise.

I decided to put a nice lace trim across the bodice. It gapes a little though but still totally wearable.
Size - 14.

Look, here I am squatting down for a photo as no-one else was around.
I do look a bit tired as it's first thing in the morning. He he.
Do you like my preggy belly? I'm getting really tired now.

Pop around to Meet Me at Mikes to win their book! I'd link to their site for you but my IE just went crazy on me and stalled my laptop!

Below are the first attempts of my quilt blocks for the baby quilt.
Yes, they are VERY wonky but I got better as I went along.

I have finished all the blocks and I can't wait to finish it.
Stay tuned for a very belated bloggerversary giveaway soon!


  1. awwww Kim you are glowing, not long now huh!!!

    I love this sweet blouse its very girly and suit your perfectly!

    the quilt is going to look amazing

    and happy Blogversary too :)

    Im doing a giveaway also so be sure to drop by ;-)

  2. Love the top it looks great on you! The quilt blocks look lovely too, can't wait to see them all together.

  3. The top looks great - very pretty!

    When are you due? You look great!

  4. That is a lovely top, and you look fantastic! Woohoo! (I found you from your Meet Me at Mike's comment! My link was http://skemommlenskedaddle.blogspot.com/2009/07/papery-pottery-and-weavery.html)

  5. Thanks ladies. I am due Oct 19th. Can't wait.


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