Sunny Days

Look what arrived in the mail! I won this beautiful headband from Grace Designs. Rosalind kindly made it to fit Little Miss' head and it's so pretty.
Thankyou Rosalind.

I've been sewing up Little Man's winter coat. It hasn't been that chilly so I have a few more days before he'll be sporting this at church. It's made of Melton Chocolate Wool. Yummmm.
I've lined it with some black fleece 'cos I couldn't find anything to match it.
I hope to finish it this week and take some pics of him in it.

So we're hoping you're all enjoying the sunshine where-ever you are.
We celebrated my nieces 1st birthday on the weekend and she sang the song like this:
For she's a jolly good fellow
For she's a jolly good fellow
For she's a jolly good feeeellooowwww and....
sausage on a bus!
I've no idea where that came from.


  1. wow that lil headband is adorable
    loving the coat for your lil man also, this sunshine is so lovely isnt it :)

  2. and sausage all of us...that is classic! Love that headband - looks like your daughter does too!

  3. The little winter coat is gorgeous - love the classic chocolate wool! You duaghter looks cute in that sweet headband.


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