Chocolate Coat

I promised a picture of Little Boy in *Chocolate Coat* so here he is.
Hubby wanted me to install a zipper instead of buttons so I did.
This also gave the coat more room so he can still wear it next year.
After frustrating efforts to install a button hole for the top I gave up. It only dawned on me later that the wool and fleece were too thick so the bobbin thread kept bunching up together resulting in lots of "what the?!" cursing.

In any case it's a really cute jacket from my other Japanese book. It's not the one featured on the right, it's the one with the Little Boy in the blue gingham top and black puppy dog. This is the first project I've made from it.

Size -90cms with added s.a (1cm)
Seam allowance - 1/4inch : I like to give it more room.
Fabric - Probably about just over a metre used of Melton Choc Wool (Spotlight)
Fleece lining : have no idea how much I used. Let's say a metre to be safe.
Chocolate Open End Jacket Zipper.

On a different note underneath is that t-shirt I made from a copy of that Supre T.
It was super easy to make. Is this too yellow?

Now, something different for my next project...


  1. love this! it looks so warm and cozy, your lil guy is so hansome in this outfit!

    the yellow is cheery :)

  2. Wow - very professional jacket - well done - looks really nice and yummy at the same time!

    Your t-shirt is cool too - i like the yellow - will look great with blue jeans...


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