Time Wasters

She: The one who takes up most of my time but gets cuter by the day.
Her: Who keeps me on my feet and wants to see the baby all the time.

Him: The mischievious of them all and makes so much mess. Oh so much.
The other night my hubby's niece (niece-in-law?) came over for a sewing favour. We sat for a few hours, both dreary-eyed while I finished piecing together a lovely blue satin dress for her Home Ec class. I could have shaved off about half an hour but I screwed up with the invisible zipper, TWICE! The first time I twisted the second part so it couldn't zip up, the second time I finished and then realised that the zip should have gone all the way up to the bodice instead of starting underneath the bodice. Such cursing needed to be had (in my head of course). Once it was all finished there was a huge sigh of relief and I could start my sewing itch being scratched.
Once you scratch, of course, you need to keep scratching until you are satisfied.
So many things I want to do. I'm going to have to make a priority list.

First-off: that Amy Butler Sling for my other sister. The first one I made is continuously getting rave reviews from strangers who ask where she got it from. My sis says I should make more and sell them. Perhaps but who's got the time?? Where do I get the time?
Secondly: I really love seeing the knitted projects that our northern friends are producing so much that I would like to start some knitting. It's crazy I know since we're only just coming into summer but if I start now then it will be done by Winter. Yes?
*Wishful thinking*


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