Autumn Sewing

In keeping with my stash busting theme I made this yesterday. I can't say that it's perfect but I really like this top. Can you believe I knocked this one up in a day?
The only part that didn't come out well was the neckline... again. I should have thought more about it before cutting but I was hoping for some miracle. At least the baby stayed asleep. This was a size Large using the basic t-shirt pattern from my Japanese Overlock book.

I used up some knit fabric that I bought from the clearance table. It's a lovely white/greyish blue striped fabric which was about $5/metre and this top only required about a metre of it. The neckline is more stable using a method like binding a quilt with an extra strip of fabric to enclose the seam. That way the seams are not exposed. The back gapes a little along the top so I might have to use the smaller size next time??? I'm not sure. It's comfy though but I wish I had a really good basic women's t-shirt/top pattern.

This is how it looks on, all crinkly and with a safety pin stuck to the middle to keep the neckline from sticking out. I might have to put in some ruffling to hide it but I really like how it turned out.  The 3/4 sleeve is a bit gathered on the top and will be perfect for the Autumn we are having down here.

Today it feels like Summer again so more cleaning to happen today and then school pick-ups.
Ho Hum.Oh and the baby is not so much a baby anymore. He is on the move! I suppose at 9 months there's a whole lot of world to see. I am so blessed to have him every day of my life.

I hope you have a lot to be thankful for too.


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