This week....

We ate this delicious beef salad. It's kind of like a Thai Beef Salad but I sloshed in my mums sweet chilli sauce and added some pan roasted peanuts. Really yummy and healthy.

I went to the dollar store and picked up these pillow cases for $2 each.
I figure they could be turned into pj pants for the two little ones or a pillowcase dress.
I also picked up $1 Early learning books for the older two. I love bargains.

I also visited my local library while I was waiting for my appointment for my pap smear. It was a good way to spend 40mins. I also love my scanner at home. I scanned a cardigan pattern from the May Gibbs Knit book, recipes from Marie Claire's Fresh and Easy and a few tips and techniques from Quilting Basics.
It's not a huge library but hey, the books are free and pretty good.

Life is still really busy and my prayers go out for those in NSW who are trapped in flooded areas and displaced. I can't imagine how they are coping right now but I hope they stay safe.

How was your week?


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