Recycling - boys t-shirt

This was a really large mens polo shirt. A size 2XL to be exact.
I traced a t-shirt my 9mth old currently wears and then used the armhole to cut out a sleeve using the existing sleeves so I could keep the hemmed end. The first time I botched up the sleeve but the second time was fine.

I also used the existing collar and kinda just sewed it onto the collar, then flipped it and top stitched it again to flatten it. I have no idea how this is going to fit him as he was asleep while I was doing this.

Still it looks really cute right? I love navy on little boys. The big boys seem to look good in it too.
I saved myself about $15 for a polo shirt like this at the shops.

I thought I'd chuck in a pic of the pattern I used to make my last top. I'm not sure how they got the neckline so flat. Maybe it's the smallest size I need for the neck. I'm going to have another go again soon with some black knit in my stash.

Have a glorious weekend.


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