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I'm always noting to myself to make my 9mth old some pants. We seem to have a short supply to support his growing body and gees, they get big fast. Yesterday I pulled out some Kwik Sew 3126 toddler pj pattern.I copied out size T1 onto cheap baking paper and had myself a pattern for some home/lounge pants.

Note: I added an extra inch along the top (waist) area and another 1cm to each outside leg seam.
When I made this up in a cotton, originally it wasn't roomy enough so that's why I added a bit extra even though this is a knit fabric. It fits him very well and the length goes all the way to his feet but when sitting they ride up a little.

This knit is from Spotlight. It's cute little grey stars and feels really soft.
It's really easy to sew up some pants. It takes me longer to figure out my overlocker settings.
I sew up the front and back crotches together first, then open up the pants, placing front and back together right sides facing. Then finish off the outside leg seams and inside legs. It's the easiest way and I don't get muddled up. I learnt this method from Dana of MADE.

Remember my Japanese shirt? It was chilly the other day and I had to do a school pick-up so I quickly sewed in this dart right in the middle to solve the gaping problem. 
I'm sure it's soooo wrong but it felt really good to wear this with my jeans.

Even hubby said it was fine. I can't wait to make some more. We get one day warm, one day cold. You can't win down here. Oh well. Things could be worse.

Next up I think I really should try this.

Have a great week!


  1. Very nice post, i love this blog so much,,, ^_^


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