For him and for her

I haven't had much time to sew lately. If you watch me at home you can tell. I'm a bit narky, impatient and grrrr'y. I blamed it on hormones but really, it's because I didn't get any 'me' time.

I've been feeling so guilty that I haven't sewn anything for my boy. So, I sat and made the him a fabric ball. The pattern is from The Purl Bee and it's really easy. The hard part was sewing those darn circles on either end. The edges just wouldn't iron down and my hand stitching leaves MUCH to be desired. In any case I think it's so cute. I'm glad I had some co-ordinating fabric in my stash. I also had an old soft ball I bought from a $2 shop with a little kitten bell inside. So I tore up the yucky fabric and made this cover instead. I hope he enjoys it.

The weather in Sydney is up and down. One day it's warm and balmy and the next there'll be rain, rain, and more rain. Little Miss doesn't have summer pj's so I decided to whip up some for her. I had this Butterfly Garden fabric from Spotlight in my stash just perfect for this project.

Note: The pants were a bit big in the thighs and the crotch hung a bit low. I wish I'd read these tips on how to alter childrens clothes at S.M.S Blog. I'll use it for next time.
The top was a Japanese book pattern which I slimmed down dramatically and I decided to add ribbon instead of bias along the neckline with shoulder ties.

Now... onto some summer pj's for me.


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