Getting ready for Christmas

This year for Christmas I am going to try my best to make my special people their gifts.

Normally my family traditionally buy gifts for the children. They all sit in the lounge amongst humongous bags filled with toys they will probably only play with a short while.

I decided that I would make something more meaningful like bags for my sisters and maybe clothes for my nieces and nephews.

I have A LOT of sisters, 7 to be exact. I am the only one who sews.

I don't think I'll get around to making 7 bags but at least I can try making bags for the ones who need them. I managed to score the Amy Butler Birdie Sling bag pattern (whew, take a breath) off e-bay from a US seller, as it turned out cheaper than buying locally. Our Aussie dollar had to take the biggest tumble it's had in the last 10yrs TODAY, didn't it. Just my luck. Still I was happy it was still under the amount I've seen on web sites here.

I also was so thrilled to see Colette's post about Simplicity 3887 that I thought I should give it a go. I do have a party to go to this Saturday and with absolutely nothing to wear I've got some nice flowy material that should cover my ever growing muffin belly.

I shall keep you .. well.. posted (excuse the pun!)


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