Save your Selvedge!

No, no, no... I did not make this star. This star is made completely from selvedge by Sarah London. How cool is it!

There's a Selvedge dress here by Ric Rac that's just so incredible. Imagine how many woman hours it would have taken to get that done! Selvedge projects are popping up in blogland and I thought I should share with you. Yes, I admit I'm nowhere near original when it comes to posting but I just gotta share the inspiration I find.

* Selvedge is... the part of the fabric right on the edge, you know, the strip with dots on it with wonderful colours and some times it includes the makers information and name of fabric. Ooooh the colours on it.

Just check out the selvedge of my pj fabric. It would certainly help me choose my colour palette as I am a bit colour challenged.

I'm coming to terms with selvedge now. I know that my grain lines should run parallel to my selvedges and I can measure two parts of my grain line to my selvedge to make sure it's on the grain.

I'm thinking I could make a selvedge fabric ball. Mmmmm I wish I'd saved more of my selvedge.
I need more.

Down here we are feeling the bite of the 'recession'. I have held off fabric shopping :(

Not sure how I will get those Xmas pressies started. I've decided to make some pj's for my sisters with this wonderful pattern - Simplicity 9505

I'm loving how easy it is to sew up and they look great too. I'm going for the singlet top and pj bottoms. I've done the shorts and I'll do the top next.


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