Japanese Skirt

Spring is unpredictable down here. One week it's as hot as an oven and the next as shockingly cold and wet. In any case, I needed a skirt (or skirts) for summer.
I got this Japanese print from Spotlight. I had to go in twice as the kids went beserk on me while I was in there being soooo undecided. There were mothers who smiled at me with a knowing glint in their eyes.

Last year I was pregnant and I had 8 weeks left til my Little Boy decided to make an entrance. I could have done with this lovely Mama Style Japanese skirt at that time.

It takes a while for a Gemini to decide and decipher how big I wanted my skirt. Many things in my Japanese book aided in this confusion.

1. There were TWO charts for the sizing of S, M, L! What the?? There was one on the illustrated instructions page and there was one on another page further in the book with just written instructions.

2. Then there was the strange waistline measurements: 57cm, 62cm, 64.5cm.
I measured my waist... 86cms... not even close. Half a waistline? Surely they are talking about real people. Perhaps they mean finished waistline size? I didn't have the slightest.
My decision was to first make the largest size and bring it down. Whoa it was big. The rectangles I ended up with could have been wrapped twice around me. So I cut them down to the size Medium - 54 x 48 cut on the fold for the front and back.
It was pretty simple and easy to make. Even the gathering was easy. The Japanese method is two sew two lines 1/4inch apart and pull the bobbin thread to gather.
I was quite happy with how it turned out. I think it was fluffier as I added a light muslin lining. It did end up quite roomy from the waist down so I should have made a much smaller size. I did have to take it in even more once I was done. It also came down over my knees making me look shorter. Uhhh.
In the end I'm still happy with the result. I will try an A-line skirt next though as they look better on me. At least I can breeze through summer now and make a smaller version for Little Miss with my left overs.
Edit: After another squint in my book I finally realised that there are two versions of this skirt. They are worn by two different ladies. One is a shorter version and the other is a longer version. I think I made the longer version. The instructions were both the same.


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Those skirts look fantastic. I wish I could get game enough to do some sewing for me :)


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