While we were offline

The swing top.
In the tree
On the carousel
In mummy's sling

Well I was sick last week, hence no time to post or sew something new. Also, our internet limit was blown halfway thru the month so that hindered me even more.

I'm fine now but Little Miss has Impetigo on her fingers, toe, actually all the places she scratched. She has eczema (darn asian skin) but it got worse and I'm pretty sure Little boy passed it onto her. He's all clear now but she has sores on her fingers, knees (go figure) and a fat ugly one on her toe. It takes me some time to rub the cream on them and bandage them and she just sits there patiently waiting for me to finish. Such a little darl.

We visited Wildlife World in Sydney. It's next to the Aquarium. I liked it but I prefer the Aquarium better. There she is peeking out from one of the fake tree trunks. Of course she did have a hissy fit once I tried to remove her from there. I think she cried for like, 10mins after that. I am learning to ignore it and just re-assure her so she calms down on her own.
I brought my sling along and it was very useful as he just loved to look around and smile at everyone, especially the women. He's turning out to be such a womaniser, I believe it to be in the genes. I can't believe he's now 9months! Time does fly, especially when you've already got one.

My link for you today is about kids : Kidspot.com.au because you can never know too much about children ; )


  1. Hope you get better soon and your little one's ezcema goes away soon too.

    The top you made looks great on her :)


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