Australia Day

Image from Sydney Morning Herald by Jessie Du.

I took the kids down to Parramatta Park to celebrate but just like a typical Aussie summer it got way too hot to bear. We stayed a good hour or so before heading back home. We're talking about 35 degrees celsius or 95 Fahrenheit.

Today is a good day to reflect about life in Oz. My family are living in this really great multiculturally rich country. The people are so nice, relaxed, and even though I was not born here, I'm proud to have an Aussie accent and to be Australian. We're truly blessed here. The opportunities are endless and life would be a struggle had we not migrated here as refugees in the late 70's. I do call Australia home.
I love our laid back lifestyle and the general friendliness of most people here. We shouldn't take it for granted. Oi oi oi!

So I hope you're having a good day where ever you are. As we say here 'Slip, Slop, Slap'
(slip on a shirt, slop on a hat and slap on some sunscreen) and take it easy.

P.S Badskirt is having an Australia Day Sale week!


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