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Since having kids I've been more of an emotional person. I cry about babies, lost children, death, basically anything related to sad stories about people. Real people. The devastation in Haiti has made life perspectives more pertinent. I cry at least once a day. LMAO.

I watched Dr Phil today and I shed tears. I related to mums who talked about how it is hard to be a stay at home mum or even mums who have to work and leave their children in day care. We all sacrifice a part of ourselves and sometimes more to do what we can for our family. I wonder, when will I stop feeling guilty about not doing enough, when will I stop comparing other mums to myself, when will it get easier?

I do know that I love this blog, I need this blog and this blog community.
So, thanks so much for stopping by. It means very much.

This week I learned about how (not) to grow maggots in your garbage bin.. ewwwww, and I have started knitting a baby bolero for Baby J. I screwed up sewing up another cushion cos I thought I'd wing it and not use instructions! LOL. I've posted on ravelry twice to ask novice questions about the pattern. Ravelry members are just so cool and because it's worldwide I don't have to wait until the next am for an answer! I read Ruby's birth story and I cried then too. What a great story. I watched The Lovely Bones and The Time Travellers Wife. The latter excellent! (insert crying here!) The first, umm. It was at times frustrating, scary and ok. I didn't like the ending.

On a plus side I've decided that maybe a routine would work around here. Let's say I put at least two of my kids to sleep during the day. Silence is golden. Truly.

Must go. I need to unravel my head and decide what else I can do around here.
Hope you are all well.


  1. I know what you mean - since having kids I am such a sook and cry over the littlest things - especially if they involve kids or human suffering in any way.

    My solution has been to not watch the news, which is all doom and gloom anyway, because I was just getting too sad and depressed over things that I had no power over.

    I think that as Mum's we all think that other Mums are doing a better job than us - I have come to realise that they're just better at faking it (or that's what I now tell myself anyway!).

    Just be kind to yourself and be the best person that you can be. When they're older your kids won't remember if the house needed a dust, but they will remember you playing and having fun with them.

  2. Another big emotional crybaby over here, and it's gotten so much worse post baby!

    I also wonder when I still stop feeling guilty and comparing myself to others Mums. I don't mean to do, I think it just comes with the job? Nice to know I'm not alone on that one!


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