Happy 2010

Happy New Year! Yes, it seems that 2009 was a tough year for most of us.
We all had challenges to over come and it seems that 2010 is quite promising already.
Baby J has been really colicky since birth. It meant I had to learn that I just had to let go and hold my baby alot if most of the time and that even though she would cry for hours I would just pray that things would get better. That's her Xmas dress I made for her and stayed up til 11.30pm Xmas eve sewing on the binding.
For the first time this year I have put her down to sleep without her waking up after 10mins!
What a relief I tell you. You can imagine how a house of crying kids does to you. It wears you down and you wonder if and when the balance of life will come back. I think it already is beginning to come back.
I started sewing up a new cushion cover and will show a tutorial on how to do it.
I'm really keen on eating less meat this year and we'll just see how we go with growing some vegies in the garden. I'm soooooo not a green thumb.
Here is Little Miss with her cousin in their tutu outfits for Xmas day at my mums.
They have heaps of fun being able to dress up to the nines and just really enjoy being girly.
Daddy really enjoys seeing her looking so pretty too.
I want to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2010. I hope things come to full circle for all of us.
My curent New Years resolution... I'm not going to have a peek at the sewing machine sales online even though I would really love a new computerised machine. It's just too tempting.
So better take off now and get some things doen before she wakes up again. You know how it goes.


  1. Happy New Year! Love the dress you made- I adore that Tanya Whelan fabric.

    I am with you on the eating less meat thing- my main thing has been to decide not to eat any more pork products at all (unless I can afford free range/rare breed stuff, which I can't). And I'm trying to go for kangaroo instead of beef where I can. We planted a veggie patch a month ago but the possums keep eating that. And we got chickens on friday too! It will be a good year I think.

    Cherry xox

  2. Haaa! haa! We caught two possums last year! Now everytime we hear a thud on the roof we look at each other just know there's a prowler on the roof!

  3. awww Kim Happy new year to you too, your lil bubba looks positively perfect in her new dress xxx

    and little Miss makes a very beautiful princess :)

    Hi Cherry im with you the pork I wont eat it unless its free range :)


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