A cushion

I've been inspired by all these tutorials on zippers and cushions that I decided to give it a go.
I had this fabric left over from my sister's Amy Butler Sling and I think it looks fabulous as a cushion. The old cover was tearing anyway so I re-used the zipper for this one.
I can't wait to make more of them. I said I was going to write a tutorial but I found this one from Mildly Crafty so there isn't any point re-inventing the wheel. I didn't box my corners though.

Down here we've been sweltering in the heat and I really wish I had a chance to shop for some sale fabric for a summer dress. I should really visit the local op (charity) shop. My other problem is that most patterns are not really breastfeeding friendly so it looks like easy tops and shorts are the way to go. I had a 20min chance to play with my overlocker and I really enjoyed using both needles. Now if only I had something already traced and cut out to sew : (

Baby J is now coo-ing and gurgling to me. She turned 3months already! I just wish she would sleep in longer blocks during the day so I can craft. I bought two patterns for her and one of them is a christening outfit so I'll be investing in some beautiful fabric for that.

For now it's time to chillax and take it easy. See instructions below...

Twinkle twinkle in uncle's pool.

We are always mindful about premature ageing here!
She still fits the dress I made from the skirt last year. Woo hooo.
Hope you're nice and toasty warm or ict cool wherever you are.


  1. Hi Kim, Thanks for the link to my cushion tutorial. Glad you found it useful!



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