A shirred summer dress

It's been a good summer and Little Miss isn't short on dresses. However, I just wanted to make her a proper dress now that I learned how to shir on my Janome.
It was rather distressing before when I had no idea why it wasn't working.

I took this fabric out of my stash and cut using the whole width (selv to selv) to the length I needed for her. It wrapped around her twice so I knew it was enough width to shir and sew up a tube.

Oh how I love my rotary cutter. I used it to cut the straps. My sis bought one for me a looong time ago when she went to a craft show. Hubby used it to put our wedding pictures up in a frame and blunted the blade. I tried to use it since then but just thought that it wasn't a good cutter. Now I know better. I have seen the light.
Last week I was at Spotlight so I picked up a new blade. It was a revelation when I used it. OMG. Like Wow. I saw perfect straight lines! Fireworks went off in my head. (I've always been melodramatic) The possibilities!!!

Here's a tutorial from the Purl Bee on Rotary Cutting. I definately needed it. I had wonky lines at first but I am much better now.

I've somehow misplaced my camera. I remember letting Little Miss take a few pics with it and then took it back from her. I've no idea where it is now so I've had to take pics with my mobile phone instead. I used Photoshop to play around with my pictures but I'm not that good.
I just used a few actions from Pioneer Woman. She's the best.
I managed to unpick the cushion cover so will start again today. See y'all later.


  1. The dress is just gorgeous! Shirring frightens me. :D

  2. Isn't shirring awesome! This dress looks supercute on your little girl.

  3. oh I never let family members (both big and little kids) use cutting implements meant for sewing, they always get blunted! Love this dress, can't wait till my daughter is taller and walking so I can make her one of these

  4. Thanks for the links Kim - I recently bought a cutting board, ruler and blade but have not attempted it yet. The links are great though.

    Love the shirred dress - something so sweet and pretty about them...love it!


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