Japanese Book Part 2

Hurrah! My book has arrived and I have no idea where to start. Here are some of the pics from inside which I just love love love. I've been reading it in bed when the kids are asleep. The instructions seem quite easy to understand even if they are written in Japanese. I must print out the translations later on today and start jotting notes.
So... I have in my stash for these projects some grey jersey knit, cornflower blue cotton with white spots... just to name the starters. I have also ordered some crochet lace on Etsy from Kalena's Studio. Ahhh I can breathe a little easier now. Now, if I could only just get some child and baby free time.


  1. I cant wait too see what you create
    the japanese pattern books are so devine I only have one so will need to invest in more:)


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