Lost... in translation

The Turtleneck Project: Cutting the Pattern

Today I had the time to trace out the patterns that I needed for the turtleneck top. I spread out the massive pattern paper on the kitchen table and stared at it for a good... let's say 10mins. I pondered, I squinted, I sighed, I read what I could and then I actually found what I needed, except for two missing pieces.

Here's what I cut out (the front, back, sleeve and collar) and here is what the book says on the layout for cutting...

After a bit of research I've discovered that I am meant to draw up my own pattern for the cuffs and the waistband. Can you see where there is extra writing under the sleeve block? Well, there are numbers written on it that specify how long and wide to make my new rectangles. I've done them and cut them all out so I guess it's a matter of sewing my pieces together now.


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