Learning Japanese... sort of

This morning I stumbled upon a wonderful new site that will help me on my journey to sew up clothes from my Japanese book. I've been clicking here and there and it was like God was watching over me and sent this site my way. It's just what I needed.

The site is called label-free and has a few fabulously talented contributors so there is lots to see and do. There's Japanese crafting, general clothes making... to be honest I haven't had time just yet to browse everything, having small children means it will take me at least a week before I get anything started. But you get my drift... the site is just fantastic and will take you to many places. I am just so excited that there is a section about Japanese books and crafting. If I can't make it then I will just have to live it vicariously... there's nothing wrong with that...


  1. Label-Free is the 2nd awesome site that I've found through your blog. Thank you sooo much!!!

  2. Thanks so much Shannon. I'm glad I could contribute. I appreciate you taking your time to comment (again).


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