Funky Fabrix

These are the two fat quarters I bought for bag making. I haven't quite decided what kind of bag to make, just that it needs to be over the shoulder or like a sling type so I have free hands. I can't make up my mind so it will be a while before I decide.

Funky Fabrix has a 15% off sale on ebay for the next three days. They have a huge range and they all look sooo delicious. Get in quick!!!

OOOOh they also have free postage if you use the coupon on their online store. Brilliant.


  1. There's a great Vogue pattern (7862) which is a shoulder bag that leaves your hands free for carrying kids etc. I made one early this year in a Japanese print, its great! Has a few little hidden pockets hand for phones & keys, and I mastered invisible zips whilst making it! I came across your blog today, it's lovely to see another young mum into sewing , we are not so common! Michelle

  2. love the fabric you've chosen!

    btw you've been tagged be a sport and play along


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