Turtleneck top

I spent a good hour or so sewing last night and completed the top from my Japanese sewing book. I did make a mistake when interpreting the pattern. I put interfacing where it wasn't needed (but ripped it out) and I did a bit of a terrible job on my last button hole (but you can't really tell... shhhh) but other than that it turned out prettier than I had hoped even if there was a lot to do with the top model that was wearing it, hee hee.

Now all I have to do is source a prettier colour that matches the original picture in my book (which I will order from Tessuti).

On a side note: I did not include a seam allowance when cutting out the pattern as it was meant for children 90cms tall. It fits perfect for my daughter who is 83cms tall. I used a 3/8" s.a when sewing it all together.

So... what do you think?
edit: I have now posted some pics of it on Flickr. Please feel free to ask questions etc. I have also posted a pic of a skirt which is my next project.


  1. OMGosh that is adorable and your DH is so right ti looks very professional!
    Well done Kim you did an awesome job on the top :)
    Your daughter is so beautiful and the top is the perfect fit!
    must be very satisfying! especially when people comment on how cute the top is....you made it!

  2. your top is gorgeous! I love how the neck falls down on one side and the little model is very cute!

  3. The top is gorgeous as well as the model. Well done. I have this book in the way, I can't wait to get it now!

  4. I've been looking at getting the same Japanese book as the one you have, and after seeing this gorgeous top I will definitely be getting it! You seem to have made some very funky clothes from it!


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