Ann Bag

Happy Birthday Sis!!! We were as thick as thieves as children together and I hope your 30th is really fantastic. You deserve it.

I finished the bag today. It was so much faster than my first bag and I really love this one. The fabric is a Japanese cotton: Seven Berry Trees. My sister is a gardener and I worry each time I see her pulling out her mobile and keys from her pockets. This bag is the perfect size to fit purse, camera, mobile and keys. Plus a bit of room for snacks or small scarf.

I have taken pics of the method in this madness and I'll post it soon as a tutorial.


  1. oooo that is lovely!
    but your comments about yoru sis are even lovelier!
    I love my sisters too, its wonderful to have them around

    Im sure she will love that bag its beautiful!

  2. That bag is soooo lovely. Lucky sis!

  3. Oh, I am loving this bag very VERY much!

    Thanks for popping in over at the blog last week- what a nice surprise after returning home from vacation! Thank you.

  4. This is a beautiful bag. I'm loving your taste in fabrics!


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