So much inspiration, not enough time

I love tutorials and when I come across something I like I just wish I could drop everything and get started. One day I will get around to posting one instead of just copying them.

One of my tips I do when I find a good tute is to copy it and download it to Word. That way, when I want to revisit or try to do it, I can either print it or just sit on my bed and read it over and over again (not remembering a single instruction!) without needing to be on the net.

Here's some really cool tutorials I would just love to get done one day...

Cathedral window (pictured) by Making Ends Meet

Portable Cushion by Autum at Sew Mama Sew

Tiered Skirt by Kuky Ideas

I'm sure there's heaps more out there but I've got kids to look after. Right now I'm in the midst of sewing up a fleece coat for my almost terrible two toddler. Which reminds me, she's turning two in Sept!!! Better start up a birthday dress for her. Stay tuned.


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