Rainy day: Bib

There's not much happening in my neck of the woods. The rain is pouring down and I'm in no mood to do anything large-ish. I've been watching some Olympic action. I just love watching the finals. I get teary and emotional.
So what did I come up with today? Just a quick bib for the little man. He's really into his food so what better than to finally make up something for him.

What I did was just copy the outline of one of his existing bibs and cut out the required material. I made up black bias to keep all the layers together, sewed on an M, velcro and voila! A bib.

It looks better in real life than in the picture, I promise. My only problem now is that I'm reluctant to mess it up : )


  1. Finally I get five minutes to log on and make a comment! ha!

    I love the lil bib and yes I agree its too nice to actually use as a bib hahahaa

    The monogramming you did is very sweet too


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