Warm winter coat

It's been really cold and chilly here in Sydney since we've settled into Winter. I should have made this coat sooner but I think she'll still get quite a few uses out of it even during the cooler spring evenings.

So here's the coat that I made this week. It was quicker than I anticipated, but with my itch to get it done so quickly there were a few boo boo's here and there, just don't inspect it too closely or look inside ; ) I love the crochet lace pocket detail.

I've never done a collar with facing inside the way this one is done before but luckily came across some help through a web blog here. Then it clicked how I was meant to sew in the collar and facings. Phew... so everyone likes it so far. I hope it keeps the cold and flu away.


  1. Its Gorgeous, what sorta fabric did you make it outta ? :)

  2. ooooo the coat is beautiful!
    I love the lil touch of delicate lace on the pockets very pretty!
    Im feeling the reoccuring grey theme in your winter sewing at the moment ha! I like it!

  3. Just gorgeous! I love the pocket detail.

  4. Thanks ladies. I'm trying to un-pink her wardrobe and the only nice other colour was grey. The material is actually a cheap trackpant fibre from Spotlight IYKWIM. The grey was the best colour there and it actually looks 'coaty?' :)

  5. well the fabric comes up looking really well :)
    and I agree about de-pink-ifying the wardrobe hahaahaha!
    Grey is classic!

  6. What a gorgeous coat!! You did a fantastic job and you have a very cute model there. We're trying to un-pink around here too, no luck yet though!

  7. So its really just a sorta Fleecey ? Doesn't at all look like it when its done up in that coat, wonderful job :)

    No worries about de-pinking here *blush* hehe, my family tries to add pink into Lil Miss's wardrobe all the time heh.

  8. What a sweet coat! And your daughter looks gorgeous in it.

  9. So gorgeous! She looks so divine in it. Well done.


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