I thought I'd enlighten you readers on what a few of the books that I'm forever dragging out now that I'm a full-time SAHM. Also, that's my boy. He's sprouting his second tooth and he giggles until he has hiccups.

1. Destitute Gourmet: The title perfectly defines how I cook. Dinner stresses me just thinking about it and I end up making up something on the spot. Lucky for me my hubs likes most of the food I eat quote: 'I don't like it when you put chick peas in food'

I've only ever made one or two things from this book so it's not really saving my sanity at the moment. 3/5 stars

2. Supernanny by Jo Frost: I love this book. Very simple and ingenius. I'm using the Naughty Step on my daughter although it frightens the hell out of me just thinking about using it. There's loads of information and my trouble is just trying to remember it all. She covers a whole lot of issues from newborn to toddler so it's well worth the read. 4.5 stars

3. New Complete Baby and Toddler Meal Planner by Annabel Karmel: Have you seen the outfits this lady is wearing??? Anyhoo... her meals are good. Sometimes I question the added butter but I really like the wide variety she includes like fish meals. 4/5
You know what? Those cheap recipe magazines at the grocery store do the trick sometimes. When I see titles like Budget or Speedy I check out the meals and I buy the magazine. I don't like tearing out meals that I have made from them but I think it makes it easier to plan my meal... being a Gemini I just can't decide. This sucks.
I've decided on something simple today.. you're having fried rice for lunch kiddo and I don't care if it goes everywhere.
Do you have any good cook books or parenting books you'd recommend??


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