Hooray for Birthdays

Haven given birth to Little Miss two years ago a day before Father's Day ( it was a terrifically planned present that now cannot be out done) means that we always have cake on Father's Day. We did have cake on the day of her birthday but we also spoil ourselves and the extended family by eating more of this sugary delight.

Finally! the guy made the cake exactly the way I had asked (there have been mishaps before inlcuding just handing me a doll).

Here she is with her birthday dress and she's actually wearing the Heather Bailey headband that I made the night before. Wow.

The only mishap is discovering my lens was dirty after we cut the cake :(

At least we weren't the only ones with cameras. Now to get a decent pic of her smililng...


  1. forgot to comment earlier...sometimes even super mummies run out of time to post comments :)

    I love the dress and the head she looks sweet and innocent like a two yr old should!
    The cake is beautiful and I bet it tastes delicious

    happy 2nd birthday!


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