Speedy dress

Wow, it's soooo warm here today. Spring is definately here but it feels more like summer. It's 30 degrees celcius (86 F) and I love love love it.

I decided to re-fashion a cheap skirt I bought last year into a dress for Little Miss.

Here it is before and after...

It was fairly easy to do. Cut the bottom part and make a rectangle 48cms x 60cms. Cut the shirring at one side and hold it around the chest and note where you want to sew it up again.
Sew up the sides of the skirt, run a big stitch across the top of it and gather. Attach the top part and then put on your model so you can attach the ties with a safety pin. Take dress off, sew in the ties and tidy up the top and voila!! Summer dress.
Note: If I made it shorter, like to her knees, it makes running around in it much easier.


  1. Great job! It looks like it was meant to be her dress!


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