Inspiration... found again

Wow, sometimes yeah I spend way too much time on the laptop but today was sooo worth it.

Speaking about re-fashioning, I stumbled across this blogger (Antoinette) who re-fashioned men's shirts into wearable funky women's wear. How cool. AND no need to buy fabric.. bonus!

I was trying to find an e-mail addy but I can't seem to see one. Sorry... I have borrowed your pic for this post. Hope you don't mind, Antoinette.

Anyway, I might have a go at this soon. I love shirt dresses. I have one that I wore 2 yrs ago and it doesn't fit me but I can't bear to throw it out cos I love the colour so much. Hubby has many shirts that he doesn't wear now as they wear casual clothes in his new job. Some are wayyy too big so yay for me!


  1. That's a great idea! Pity DH needs all his shirts LOL

  2. Hello! Don't mind at all. It was really easy, this little shirtdress, and I dyed it yesterday... I guess there's another post on that later. Mens shirts have been an ideal playground these past few months, and versatile with so much fabric in a standard XL shirt. I would love to see one of your mens shirt refashions!


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