Speedy Tote bag

I was rushed this morning. Had to get the kids ready so I could have my second session of the 1,2,3 Magic Parenting class that I enrolled in. I made this bag in a short amount of time. I couldn't tell you how many minutes it took as it was in between getting lunch made, making up bottles, packing nappies and finally getting myself ready. I would guess about an hour from cutting to finishing. It does have Pellon ironed onto the inside to give it shape. The longest was turning the handle inside out. I'm sure there's a shortcut like topstitching but it was an after thought.

It was a fabric I had that I got on sale at Spotlight. It has it's own pattern, I did not make those panels if you're thinking I've done that part myself (good God, I wish I possessed that much patience).

I love it because I can sling it across my shoulder and it's enough to fit my A4 book and my necessities. Gota run, baby crying... such is my life.


  1. hahahaha you are a super mummy!

    I think we need a sew off a bit like a bake off but contestants are given one hour and a few scraps to create something beautiful with their sewing machines!
    I think you would win hands down!

    ps why does super mummy need creative parenting classes??? hahahaa


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