Meet Freya

Meet my version of Freya. This is my first doll (or toy) so, it's not perfect and I haven't embroidered anything in my life. You can tell...

Little Miss was very impatient and wanted to hold her so I had to make do with not stuffing the boots (which I had left out when first sewing my panel!) and they are sewn on the legs but it's not too obvious.

I would have liked to have better fabric for the head and face as it really would make the doll so much nicer but I'm happy with the way the body has come out. I don't do well with written instructions, I prefer pictures.

Big thanks to Melly and Me for responding to me HELP mail. I was instructed on how to embroider without showing the end threads. I just had no idea... but I do now, for next time.


  1. aww I bet your lil girl loves her new dolly! great job Freya is super cute!

  2. I have just finished embroidering faces on a bunch of little rabbits and was just wondering how I don't show the end threads... please share!!


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