Almost finished

When is ironing fun?
When it involves patchwork strips or charm squares that are freshly washed and dried.
When ironing ensure you don't stretch out the fabric too much as you want to keep the 'squareness' and not warp them out.
Also, best to square up your strips before you sew them together. Sounds logical but for my first patchwork effort, it gave me more work to do afterwards.

This is the patchwork top for Little Miss' single bed quilt/duvet cover.
I hope to finish it today. I need to cut out the backing and add the buttonholes and buttons.
It sounds simple enough but for me.. well.. it's going to take some time or I have to delay my cleaning.

I spent the past week cutting up my Ava Rose Layer Cake for this project.
To make things easier for me I just folded them in half and cut them lengthways.
I did wash them before cutting BUT I should have followed Amy Butler's tip to put a diagonal snip the corners before washing to prevent fraying (and warping).

I really love the pretty colours in this. I decided to leave out the red colourway.
(They will become hotpads later on)

I'm not use to working with so much fabric so it's been real trial and error for me.
It's 140cms across which is great and I've overlocked the whole thing.
I haven't calculated seam allowances so the length is 4cm short of the 210 length it's meant to end up. How to fix it? Not sure, maybe an added ruffle to disguise the extra border? Nah, too much work. An extra strip along the top in a pink dotty fabric I have? Hmm.... I don't want to introduce another colour. I'll figure it out, I hope.

p.s We found out the gender of the baby but I'm keeping it a secret from all of you, and family. Haa haa! You'll have to wait til Oct to find out.

Adios Amigos. Sorry, we're watching Dora atm.


  1. Wow that must have taken a bit of time! Can't wait to see it finished - I would like to takle a cot quilt for DD2 soon as she has seriously outgrown her bassinet! The Amy Butler tip is interesting...

  2. OMG yay I can finally post a comment with this stupid internet connection!

    The quilt is amazing so much detail and love into this creation!

    btw you look stunning with your baby'glow' and congrats on the news...another little girl to make stunning clothes for hahaa
    have a great day!

  3. The colours are gorgeous, I can't wait to see this when it is finished! Well done, you have pieced it all together beautifully.


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