Little Munchkins Giveaway

Little Munchkins is doing another giveaway here. It's too good to miss.
She's giving away one pattern of an Oliver + S outfit to two winners.
Novy's site is terrific and I'm a really big fan.

I really love the Oliver + S patterns. I recently aquired the Puppet Show tunic and shorts (pictured) and I can keep making them for Little Miss right up until age 5. There is a serious need for me to get off my bum and make some outfits for Little Man too.

We're all still sick at home. It sucks big time. I'm following the rules, no cough medicine for under 2's and following strict guidelines for medicating my 2.5yr old.

There is nothing worse than thinking that over medicating will help them get any better.
Me, well, woe is me. I can't take anything except panadol so I'm pretty much doing without.

Hope you're all having a restful weekend.


  1. This pattern is really sweet - all of the Oliver & S patterns are gorgeous.
    When I was preggers and sick I found the ol' honey & lemon drink quite soothing and when my kiddos have a cough Baby Balsam Vicks Chest Rub really seems to settle them down.


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