Just a really nice day

* Thanks for making my towel so... cuddd...leeee... ;)
Happy 18months my little man! You are now due for immunisations, sorry.
You bring so much joy to everyone in your life. Every day we are blessed to have you. Before I know it we will be celebrating 18years in a blink of an eye.

Today was a really good day. You know those days when things just run smoothly. Not everything gets done but most things get done without not much fussing from the children. The weather today was really nice to us too. It was like Spring but in Winter. It will get really cold further down the track. I am not looking forward to that but I am making the most of the sunshine today.

We also recieved some Natural Confectionary lollies from our elderly couple from next door. They also included a nice 'get well soon' card. So incredibly thoughtful. It made the kids day that's for sure. They are the only lollies I get for my kids as they are free from artificial flavours and colours.

Below is a maternity wrap I got from Pumpkin Patch for just $12.95! It's a beautiful vintage knit fabric. They had buy one and get the second item 50% off. You don't want to know what I paid for my new maternity jeans but they are so incredibly comfy I don't know why I haven't bought one sooner.

I think a lot of people are doing end of financial year bargains. I only managed to get a few bargains.

I plan to do a bit more sewing for myself. I have this simple rolled sleeve knit t-shirt from Supre (pictured) that actually fits over my belly so I want to have a go at making one from some knit I have in my stash. It's only two pieces that gets sewn together so it can't be that difficult, right?

I better go inside before I eat the whole bag of lollies!
stay tuned...


  1. Happy 18mths gorgeous lil boy! I just want to reach in and kiss those sweet little cheeks, adorable!

    Love those 'good' days when the sun is shining!

    love the wrap dress, Im sure it will be sooo comfy over your ever expanding baby bump! :-)

  2. Hello! Thanks for your advice about the quilting. I'm beginning to think my machine is too simple for such a fancy foot. All the machine numbers seem to be big and mine only has two numbers!! Will have to go to my sewing machine shop on Monday and see. Imagine having to buy a new machine just to quilt a cover!! Not sure that would go down too well. Wish me luck.

    I love your cover. The fabrics are very pretty. Have you quilted it?


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