May Giveaway Winner

Thankyou for all your wonderful posts. My eyes have gone all squinty from reading them all.

The winner is number 154 who is...
Sara of Saraisabee Check out her super cute blog. She's also giving away a cute fabric box for her U.S readers.
I'll be starting on your bag tomorrow and hope to send it out by the end of this week. Probably on Friday when I have hubby home to look after the kids. E-mail me your delivery address. Congratulations and thankyou for participating.

I will be celebrating one year of blogging so looking forward to doing another giveaway soon!

I have to run. I have made my own chocolate birthday cake and I have to check how it's going.
I wish I could say I've had a great day but it's been a bit of a wierd downer for me.
The cutest thing right now is that my 2.5yr old is showing me her chocolate stained fingers and face. It's very cute but won't look good on my beige couch so I'd better get her washed.

Later! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh my goodness, YAY! I'm so excited I won! Thank you!!! An email is on it's way...

  2. Hope you had a brilliant birthday!! Chocolate and toddlers are a winning combination :) Have a great week, Lisa


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