Winter Warmers

Brrrr, it's cold around these parts. I am NOT a cold person. I use to be but now I'm a wuss.
What I dislike most about Winter... colds and flu.

Yesterday both the littlies were sick. Little Miss had a really bad flu. She had a temp all night but we did get lots of sleep in spite of it. Little Man had a runny nose and vomited on me but still managed to be mischievious. There isn't much that keeps him down.

Today I managed to catch a sore throat and a few coughs. Urghhhh.

But, down to business. Above is the finished quilt cover hanging on our line to air out the nasties in the sun. You can't see the buttons along the bottom cos they are hidden! Brilliant.

Next up, the original Japanese long coat from the book and below... our version.

I finished it yesterday while hubby watched the kids ... sleep. It didn't stop him from asking me what I was doing (hiding) in the computer room.

I got the black wool jacketing from Spotlight. There's quite a bit left over. I must have bought 2metres. Can't remember now. This is a size 110cms and it fits her perfectly. She isn't even that tall. She's like 2.5yrs old and 93cms?

This was the jacket all pinned to the right side of the body of jacket. First the collar, then lapels.
Then the lapels had to be turned and collar and fronts top stitched to give it that professional look.

Isn't this the cutest button? Sourced from my local asian fabric store. The rest weren't as nice. Gee, it's hard to find nice buttons and I live eons away from button stores.
Luckily my machine was playing nicely with buttonholing. If it wasn't you can't tell as it's all black thread.

Well, back to chicken and corn soup and lots of rest.
I hope the rest of you are doing better than us.


  1. Your quilt cover is so pretty and the coat is just gorgeous! You've done a fabulous job. Hope you are all feeling better soon.

  2. Thanks for showing the finished quilt - it is very pretty. I really like the black jacket too - the fabric and the button you used are perfect and give it a professional look.

  3. I love this even more than the original version and those buttons are so sweet!


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