Fabric makes me smile

I didn't have a great birthday so here's my consolation.
The above fabric is Ava Rose Layer Cake that I bought ready to make Little Miss' quilt cover. I thought about a quilt but I'm not skilled enough to get that one started.

However, I did decide that a small charm pack of Moda Wee Play would suffice my itch to make a baby quilt. I purchased both of these from Fabricdirect.com.au. They have the cutest selection of fabric and even teddy bears.
Ordered on Monday and delivered on Wednesday. How fabulous is that!!!
"were you expecting something?" hubby asked when he brought in my package.
"yes, I was.. happy mail!" I said with an exuberant smile.
We sat together tonight as I perused Etsy for a quilt pattern and found a cute basic one. Lucky our Aussie dollar is doing fantastically!!!

A sneaky peek at the fabric I used for Sara's giveaway bag. Pretty cute huh.


  1. Wow! The Ava Rose fabric is delicious! I would be too scared to start a quilt with it too! Your sewing looks great thought - I'm sure you'd do better than you think!

    Looking forward to seeing the Wee Play quilt - make sure to post once it's done...


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