Blissful Blessings

Over the weekend we celebrated a great blessing.
Baby J had her christening and in her true style she was fussing most of the way through it.
She did manage to stay quiet while the priest walked her around the altar.
My kids don't do well during their christenings. There's just too much fuss going on for their own liking. We don't get many good photo's either. However, I managed to snatch some really lovely ones during quiet time.

The gorgeous headband is a creation of Grace Designs. Rosalind worked with me to design the prettiest headband which made her look all too beautiful.
My sister in law found her a christening dress so I didn't need to make her one.
Which was rather fortunate as I was sick before and left a lot of things to the last minute.

We had a cheeky priest who was quite funny and good with Baby J.
She cried when the water was poured on her head. I took this snap with the camera held high as I could not get close enough. There were many other cameras there too.

I just love girls in dresses and hers was adorable.
The cake man made blocks to spell out her name in an arch along the front and I was really pleased. It had a yummy white forest filling. We sang Happy Christening to You!
No, that's not me holding her. It's her Godmother.

All in all it was a fun night with family. One that we will cherish for many years to come.


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