Gettin' Knitty Wit' it

I finally made a start with the Little Girl's Prism Beanie.
I was having a bit of trouble with the pattern from Lincraft and now I know why.
I'm not a beginner knitter nor an experienced knitter but I know my knits from purls and have even done cables before. So I was stumped when my single knit ridges were all over the place.
After some help from Ravelry members it was deemed that the pattern needed to be corrected.

In order to achieve this type of ribbing it is simply a K1, P1 (knit one, purl one) pattern repeat.
Simple as that. The instructions say to do that for the first row and the second row is K2, P1. Whaaat? Go figure. Don't they have pattern testers at Lincraft?
Anyway, the Prism yarn is luscious and soft. I adore it.

Needless to say I am so in love with my new Addi Turbo's I bought from The Thread Room that I cast on another set to knit up the February Girl Sweater (rav link) for my almost 4yr old.
Let's just say I have great expectations of myself with the cardigan as I've never knit a cardigan or any article of clothing for that matter. We'll just see how this one pans out.

We don't celebrate Father's Day here until September. By that time we will be celebrating Little Miss' 4th birthday. Wow. Time flies. I did find this good Red Velvet Cupcake recipe that seems to be all the rave but I've lost it now.

Ahhh well. I shall be back to show you the finished beanie.


  1. Love the melting colours pink into white - yum...

    I was looking at red velvet cake recipes yesterday - seems to be mainly red food colouring or beetroot! Let us know how they turn out!

  2. Isn't that so annoying when there are mistakes on patterns? I always automatically think it must be me making the mistake so it's kind of a relief when i find out that it's an error on the pattern! That wool looks so soft and snuggly - can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. Once you started knitting with circular needles, you’d love it. Looking forward to see the finished product :)


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