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I finished the beanie! Woo hoo what an adventure that was.
I tried circulars and double-pointed needles for the first time.
I wish I'd watched the knittingtipsbyjudy video's on youtube.
She had some great tips and showed you what to do with those loose ends.
Anyway, the beanie came out a little bit 'pointy' so maybe it requires some blocking?
It fits her 3.5yr old head quite well but I wish it would stretch slightly bigger so it's a teeny bit looser. We like it very much though.

I went to my local library which is conveniently located just in the opposite room to our playgroup. I grabbed all the kids and with a baby in the sling and one arm grabbing hold of my run-a-way 2yr old boy I snatched up the only knitting book I could find.
It seemed to be quite a good investment when I perused through it at home.

Even though it looks very daggy and outdated it was printed in the early 80's, I found really great information on shaping, colourwork and even this pattern which I've been long admiring on the net lately.

See those baby jackets? The first one is a Baby Coat and the blue one is the Lacy Baby Jacket.

Doesn't it resemble the Elizabeth Zimmermann February Baby Sweater?
I was so happy when I found out. What luck! I scanned it and printed the instructions out.
The only thing is it's not seamless and is knit in pieces. Unlike the baby sweater which is practically seamless and knit from the top down.

Decisions, decisions... I guess I am really just looking for measurements so I might just go ahead with the top down version and cross my fingers.

There seems to be a theme among some other blog members who are finding it hard to find a balance in life with children, blogging and sanity. I must say parenting is the toughest job around.
I do find myself failing to compose myself in stressful situations. I mean, when your 3y.o tells you the hundredth time she doesn't want to go to school what can you do? I've resorted to sleeping in my sons bed once I hear him calling out to me. It's just not worth bed hopping anymore. Baby J co-sleeps with her dad now so we'll jsut have to see how it goes once Winter is over and my room is no longer an ice box. I just love my sleep and it's hard to compromise on something that's just going to do me in.

A happy parent is a better parent, don't you think?

Oh and do you like the new template? I saw it and just applied the changes. Instant satisfaction.

What's on your plate these days?


  1. Hello - I've been following your progress with the beanie. You must have had a different pattern to the one I had using the Prism wool. Ours was much rounder at the top, but didn't really come over the girls' ears. But the wool looks lovely!

  2. Thanks Kirrily. I used some adjusted directions fron a Ravelry member and started decreases with L11, K2tog so I'm not sure if it was this variation or just using dpnswhich made it pintier. Normally when I knit flat the beanie turns out rounder. Did you use circulars?

  3. Gorgeous work - that is one pretty beanie!


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