Pattern Space

My kitchen table.
The only space which is sort of clear and wide enough to place fabric.

I picked up some lovely charcoal linen today and set to work on arranging the pattern pieces for a shirt for the boy. It was hard to find the right fabric but luckily Baby J had fallen asleep.
Probably bored from waiting for me to pick up a bolt which was taking far too long.
When she woke though she was too cute, smiling at the lovely ladies in the store.

Thoughts: Linen. Shirting. Linen. Crinkly. Shirty.. Ugly... White... Messy.. Hmmmm.
Charcoal it is.

As with all Japanese patterns you must not forget to include your seam allowances.

The standard is 1cm but there are places where they will trick you and add a little more if you're not paying attention. So I chalked in my lines, making a few mistakes here and there but it's chalk so it's all good. You know.

Some really cute curtain fabric for the kids room. It was a bargain at $6 a metre.
Could not pass it up but it came in wonderful colourway range: green, pink, blue, red?
Can't wait to get this one going!

Hoppity hop to more spaces!


  1. That is going to be a great shirt! I love the dotty fabric!


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