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The Not Happenings

For some reason I thought I could teach myself crochet, in one weekend!
But I've become stuck. Hindered by impatience, bad wobbly web crochet instructional videos, being half-focused, chores and children. You know. You are nodding right now.

So I've figured out how to chain, slip stitch and double treble. What I lack is how to count, good tutorials and time. I know I made a few mistakes above and then Baby J decided to yank on the yarn and I gave up. I did find this nice tutorial on the flower I want to make. It's called the Tawashi flower. I didn't know if Round 1 means you start with this or you do the magic ring and then start it. Hmmmmm. I'm dying to know. I might have to ask the Ravelry gods tonight.

On the other hand I have this little gem to deal with. Along with my other two, yes I know I still have other two toddlers but the cute factor on this one is too good not to share.

Oh and it's tax season down here too. That means lots of June sales and bargains.
I, um I mean, we decided to get us a new printer. Our last one still works but the cartridge is so expensive and it's about 5years old. Hubster went to the store and brought home the Canon MP560. It's really great. It's a 5-in-1 inkjet so it's still affordable. It even has auto-duplex, cos we need to sav paper right. It looks really snazzy and it works wirelessly! So I can print out my tutorials and recipes from the loungeroom where my laptop is to the hobby room. Yippeee. I love technology.

If you're looking for a cheaper option the MP530 works just as well. I got that one for mums house. Anyway, back to the daily grind. If you have any great crochet flower tutorials I'd love to know.


  1. i wish i had something more helpful to say re: crochet, but i have very little experience with it myself... but good luck to you and keep at it! i've always wanted to learn to crochet too... i'm still trying to get a handle on knitting... :) we just bought a canon printer too and i LOVE it!

    btw - thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

  2. Hey Kim, I have been teaching myself crochet too. Round 1 means the first round of stitches after the foundation chain (or in this case the magic ring). Also, one thing to be aware of is that there seems to be different names for stitches between here and America.

    I thought this scarf would be a really good starter project:

    Good luck!


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