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The kids went to daycare.
I went shopping. I bought goodies. I rejoiced in kid-free time but of course, it all went by too quickly.

At Lincraft I found some chambray to make a shirt for my Little Man. There wasn't anything else that looked even remotely available for shirt making. I was much disappointed.

However, their lace range is quite extensive. I found this beautiful guipure lace.
If you can't pronounce it, then certainly it is special!

I also found a free beanie pattern for my 3yr old. I bought the yarn in the world's greatest colour. Isn't there a pink gene in most little girls???

They had a shocking non-existant amount of circular needles in stock so I will have to make this one up with two needles. Unless I make it to Spotlight in a few weeks. By then the cold of Winter would have set in really good and I will be too cold to venture out.

Anyway, more creative spaces at Kootooyoo!


  1. oh that beanie pattern is devine! so wish I could knit!

    glad you enjoyed your kid free time its great isnt it!

  2. hmm - i would love some kid-free time today. I have been trying to sew my jacket for 3 weeks now!

    I love that knitted beanie and the shirt fabric.

    I look forward to seeing the results!

  3. That is a great pattern! And I love your yarn choice. I can't wait to see the finished beanie.

  4. Hi - just stopping by your blog for the first time. I found this beanie pattern a few years ago and made a couple of them straight away. Enjoy!


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